More residents’ views

More Petersfield Residents’ Views… Our Mill Road 4 People volunteers have now been out on Mawson and Tenison Roads in Petersfield, asking residents what they think about traffic on Mill Road. The results when combined with our previous door knocking are shown below. From the 206 households we’ve now spoken to there is a clear… Continue reading More residents’ views

What do residents think?

Mill Road 4 People volunteers have been knocking on doors in Petersfield to find out what people think about traffic on Mill Road. So far we’ve spoken to 112 households in Devonshire Road and Gwydir Street. A significant majority of the people we talked to were supportive of a low traffic Mill Road, and wanted… Continue reading What do residents think?

Thank you!

We’re overwhelmed by all the constructive responses we’ve had to our goals and ideas. Thank you ♥♥♥ We’d also like to thank all those people who’ve sent us their own ideas. We’ll collate and publish those soon, but there are a lot of them, so please do forgive the delay! Meantime keep them coming: you… Continue reading Thank you!