Update: Mill Road bridge TRO up for review at Highways

Following an extensive and widely advertised public consultation, in their July 2022 meeting Cambridgeshire County Council Highways Committee decided to consult on a formal TRO to reinstate the modal filter on Mill Road bridge. The TRO included a list of exemptions to that filter (e.g. blue badge holders, taxis).  The results of that TRO consultation will be reviewed by the Highways and Transport committee at its 7th March 2023 meeting.  

The TRO was drawn up following the GCP’s Spring 2022 Mill Road consultation – described as “effective and robust” by the committee. It received around 2,000 responses.  Theme 3 of the consultation, “Changes to traffic and access in the medium and longer term” was supported by 77% of respondents.  72% of respondents expressed support for restricting motor vehicles from crossing Mill Road bridge. 

Romsey and Petersfield residents have been asking for action on traffic on Mill Road for at least 50 years. So we’ll be thanking the committee for all their work in arranging for the consultation on this issue, allowing local people to have their views heard. We’ll be asking the Committee to approve the TRO and put it into operation without delay.

An even higher proportion (83%) of respondents to the same GCP consultation approved of Theme 2, “Improve the quality of place”. The July 2022 Committee meeting decided to work with the Combined Authority and GCP to develop a public realm improvement scheme along Mill Road. We’ll be asking the committee 2 questions about the public realm improvements:

  1. What are the planned timescales, and (indicative if necessary) budgetary provisions for the work, along with the planned sources of funding?
  2. How can interested parties’ (e.g. users of the road, traders, disability groups) views best be sought and incorporated into the design in a cost effective way and at the earliest possible stage in the process?

Please use this link to email Cllr Alex Beckett the County Council Highways Committee Chair to

  • express your support for the reinstatement of the bridge restrictions and
  • ask that the public realm improvements be progressed with urgency