72% campaign – now we need action

Mill Road for People are delighted to report that our membership has smashed through the 800 barrier on the back of our latest campaign.

Lots of dedicated volunteers have delivered 5,000 copies of our 72% leaflet to Petersfield and Romsey residents.

72% of respondents to the spring 2022 County Council led consultation on the future of Mill Road wanted restrictions to motor vehicles to be reintroduced on Mill Road bridge.

The implementation of the restrictions now needs to go ahead without delay. There is a clear democratic mandate, not only from the consultation itself, but also from the repeated re-election of local politicians who explicitly campaigned on a low traffic Mill Road ticket. The County Council must not be held hostage by any legal action taken to subvert what is quite clearly the will of the people. Local residents have been asking for action on Mill Road traffic levels since the 1970’s if not earlier.

Now is the time for action, not further prevarication.