mill road 4 people welcomes results of GCP consultation on Mill Road

Released 4 July 2022 17:30

Mill Road for People very much welcomes the outcome of the consultation, which confirms what our own research has consistently shown: that there is overwhelming support for both a reduction in motor vehicles on Mill Road and improvements in the streetscape.

MR4P chair Paul Lythgoe says, “The feedback from this consultation provides politicians with an irrefutable mandate for change, and we call on them to act both quickly and comprehensively. We have been waiting for years for a solution to traffic problems on Mill Road and there is now no justifiable reason for further delay.”

The consultation shows strong support for reinstating a filter on Mill Road bridge, but this alone would not be an adequate response to the demand for traffic restrictions. We need to see a holistic scheme which works for all areas of Mill Road, for instance to prevent the rat-running that was seen in some Petersfield streets when the bus gate was previously in place.

We are and always have been fully supportive of exemptions for blue badge holders. We also believe that taxis form an important plank in enabling residents to cut down on personal car ownership and use. We therefore support exemptions for Cambridge hackney cabs in principle. However, many residents remain concerned about problems such as speeding, pavement parking and close-passing of cyclists by taxi drivers and we would like to see a commitment to dealing with these issues before an exemption is granted.

The consultation showed massive (83%) support for improving the quality of the streetscape. Mill Road for People has many innovative ideas for making Mill Road a place to come to rather than a place to pass through. We urge the County Council to show ambition and vision in order to transform Mill Road into a place where everyone will want to come to use our wonderful independent businesses.

We want to see Mill Road become a model for more safe, pleasant, people-centred streets in our city. We want everyone to be able to walk or cycle safely to school or work and for everyone to go about their business without traffic congestion and pollution.

The clear desire that the people in our area have shown for this would undoubtedly be replicated in other areas. With these landslide results, there is no excuse for faint-heartedness. Let’s honour the wishes of local people and make Mill Road the standard-bearer for streets that work for people rather than motor vehicles.

The consultation report can be read here.

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