PaveMeant4People Report


Pavement parking on Mill Road

Dangerous, inconsiderate parking including pavement parking is rife on Mill Road. Please help our campaign to eliminate it. We particularly want to stop

  • inconsiderate pavement parking
  • dangerous parking near side road junctions and pedestrian crossings

Please complete the form below to let us know about incidents of this anti-social behaviour.

And please call enforcement on 01223 727915 for the really dangerous stuff:

  • parking on white zigzags near pedestrian crossings,
  • parking near junctions marked “No loading at any time” or with double yellow slashes on the kerb

    Your contact details

    If you're reporting an incident involving a taxi, your name and email address will be disclosed to the local taxi licencing authority. In all other cases your personal data will NOT be disclosed to any third party, and will be safeguarded in line with our privacy policy

    Incident details



    What happens now?
    • as part of our campaign, we'll make the incident details available to Cambridgeshire Police and Cambridgeshire County Council
    • if the vehicle was a Cambridge City or South Cambs taxi, we'll raise the concern on your behalf with the council
    • if the vehicle was a business vehicle, we'll raise the issue with the business
    • if incidents seem to happen outside particular business premises or houses, we'll discuss the issue with the business / householder

    Two more actions for #Pavemeant4People!

    1) Sign the #Pavemeant4People! petition demanding Cambridgeshire County Council act

    2) Sign up as a Mill Road 4 People supporter

    Thank you!