Anger at further delays to Mill Road traffic measures

We are shocked and disappointed to hear that the County Council is considering further delays to the bus gate on Mill Road Bridge.

We would like to remind them that in one of the most wide-ranging and widely-publicised consultations Cambridge has ever seen, 72% of people voted for restricting traffic on the bridge.

This is not a narrow margin – this is a massive majority, and actually the second consultation to favour a bus gate. The results were published in April 2022, so why are we still waiting?

MR4P chair Paul Lythgoe says: ‘It beggars belief that a very small group of people should be allowed to thwart the democratic process in this way. We see no reason why the County Council cannot press ahead in the clear knowledge that they are implementing the will of residents.’

We urge County Councillors to respect the democratic mandate and stick to the agreed plan. To waver now would be undemocratic and give a green light to further vexatious delaying tactics.

Mill Road should not be used as a through road and has never been designated as one – it isn’t even a B road; it is a residential and shopping street, where residents should be able to travel safely by foot, bus or bike. No part of the road would be blocked to cars and there would be more room for disabled and short-term parking as well as deliveries. MR4P calls for the clear mandate of the 72% to be respected and for the bus gate to go in in October as promised.