Petersfield deserves better..

While Mill Road bridge was restricted, Petersfield didn’t experience the same traffic reduction benefits as Romsey. Petersfield should not be the poor relation – the design of the permanent traffic reduction scheme for Mill Road must address this issue.

Motor vehicle numbers during periods of bridge restrictions are typically higher at the Donkey Common (town) end of Mill Road than at the Brooks Road / Romsey end. Anecdotally the Romsey section of Mill Road between Coleridge Road and the bridge enjoyed much less traffic than the Petersfield section between the bridge and East Road. But why?

A major factor will be motor vehicles including many taxis using Mill Road and the residential streets in South Petersfield (e.g. Tenison Road) as a rat run to and from the railway station and Hills Road. This must be stopped to make sure that residents and businesses in Petersfield experience the maximum benefit from lower traffic volumes on Mill Road.

Comparison of journey distances and times – Donkey Common / Railway Station