Highways and Transport – our reaction

Released 27 July 2021 20:02

Mill Road for People is extremely disappointed that the Highways and Transport Committee chose to remove all restrictions to traffic on Mill Road, Cambridge at their meeting earlier today. We are sure the thousands of local residents who have expressed their anxiety at the prospect of this outcome will be shocked to discover that so much traffic is about to re-enter our community.

The Committee’s decision today simply takes us back to all the problems of collisions, congestion, pollution, and disabled access that existed before.

However, the committee opened up a new phase of work, which is to consult on a long-term solution for Mill Road, over the coming 6 months. We will continue our work to speak to residents and traders to find a sensible, compromise position. We are confident that the result of a well-run consultation will result in solutions very similar to those proposed by Mill Road for People.

Adding 12,000 cars a day back to Mill Road achieves precisely the opposite of the worthy promises made in the May 2021 local elections. The Joint Administration agreement between the Liberal Democrat, Labour, and Independent groups says that “We will focus on modal shift to encourage more residents out of their cars, along
with infrastructure development, the encouragement of sustainable travel, and securing safe routes and connections for pedestrians and cyclists”. Moreover, Conservative Party candidates in Romsey and Petersfield stood on an explicit “Open the Bridge” ticket in the May 2021 elections and were roundly defeated. There is clearly no mandate from voters to justify this decision today.

We call upon the Mill Road Traders Association and Councillor Howitt to state what solutions they would actually agree to, to solve the long-standing transport problems that Mill Road has. We also call upon Cllr Bird, whose casting vote was crucial in the re-opening of the bridge, to hold meaningful discussions with Mill Road For People.

Mill Road for People will continue to campaign for a low traffic low pollution street for the benefit of all.